Westbrook ISD

Continuing Education Professional Development Catalog

REQUIRED Compliance Training - Summer PD, Day 1

In order to receive the 3 paid Comp Waiver days scheduled in November 2022, WISD requires ALL staff to complete the following virtual trainings between May 21, 2022 – August 1, 2022.

The following compliance trainings are required for ALL employees every year. Please review the links below and complete the Google Quiz at the end of each one prior to returning to your campus on August 1, 2022. Employees must review the following:

The following compliance trainings are required to be completed by all staff on a yearly basis: (completion of Google Forms at the end of each training or the Gateway certificate at the end of the seizure training is required)

Collectively, these sessions count as ONE DAY of summer staff development.*


  • Prevention and Awareness: Human Trafficking of School Aged Children
  • Recognizing/Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
  • Addressing Bullying: Physical, Mental, Social, or Cyberbullying
  • Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Seizure and Epilepsy Training
  • Stop Harassment


  • Valuing Parents in Education
  • Confidentiality and FERPA
  • Educator-Student Interaction, Including Social Media

*Teachers MAY choose to complete two different days of training during the summer prior to teachers returning on contract August 1, 2022. This choice does not alleviate WISD teachers/staff from completing the required yearly compliance trainings listed above. These teachers will have until August 31, 2022 to complete the compliance training for the 2022-2023 school year.


Prevention and Awareness: Human Trafficking of School-Aged Children

1. The purpose of this module is to assist and equip educators in meeting the training requirements for the Commissioner's Rule (TAC §61.1051) on reporting Child Abuse, Neglect, including Trafficking of a Child. Each district and open-enrollment charter school must maintain records that include the name of each staff member who participated in training (TAC §61.1051). https://www.texasgateway.org/resource/prevention-and-awareness-human-trafficking-school-aged-children

This link will take you directly to the Human Trafficking video. Be sure you "LOG IN" at the upper right of your screen so the training is linked to your account for your personal records and you complete the 2022 WISD training sign off form HERE.


Teacher Expectations

Texas Behavior Support Initiative

The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI)

The Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI) is a state-level training that meets the requirements mandated by Texas Education Code §37.0021 and Texas Administrative Code §89.1053.

Who should take this training?

· Campus core teams consisting of a campus administrator or designee and any general or special education personnel likely to use restraint and/or who implement time-out based on requirements established in a student’s IEP and/or BIP

TBSI is completely separate from the CPI training and is an on-demand training provided by the state that is now housed on the TEALearn (Canvas) platform. The criteria have not changed, but the training has been updated. Here is the link to the training: https://tier.tea.texas.gov/TBSI.

The TBSI training can be done before or after the CPI training, that is not specified; however, the TBSI training does not take the place of CPI and therefore both should be complete by any staff who may be working with students displaying extreme behaviors.

This training is worth 3 hours of Continuing Education Credits. Please submit your DATED complete certificate to Shay Avants no later than August 1, 2022.