February 15, 2016

What's Up in the Tech World

Enjoy your Monday off!

I will be at Lower Campus on Thursday. It looks like a busy short week.

I read a very interesting comment this week: "Providing feedback to students after they have submitted their work does not have the same impact as providing feedback along the process." We should think about ways we can provide our students feedback and guidance as they work whenever possible.

I am so excited to share Fluency Tutor with you. This is a google app that lets you assign reading passages to students. The student reads the passage and you can listen and score their reading. You have many choices of content for them to read. This could be used as a center in the classroom or homework. There are several videos about Fluency Tutor on Youtube. I have included an introduction below. I have also included a link to some information about using Fluency Tutor with Newsela to choose content for students to read.

There is a second video about ReadWorks which is another source for authentic articles both fiction and non-fiction leveled from grades K to 12. Each article is paired with an evidence based question set. If you sign up, you will receive emails with specific readings for any holidays or special events that might be coming up.

Fluency Tutor™ for Google™ - An Introduction
ReadWorks: Research-Based Articles & Lessons