Plainview Intermediate

November 2020 Parent Newsletter

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Principal's Corner

T- This is the time of year we pause and take time to consider what we are thankful for in our lives. I would like to say a big thank you to our teachers, staff, parents, students, and Plainview patrons. You all have done an outstanding job of ensuring we continue onsite learning this year. Thank you for helping in this way. It is appreciated!

H- Having a job to come to daily where I get to see students with smiles and hugs to give is something I am thankful for in my life. These students can truly brighten your day! Thank you for sharing them with us each day. After ending school with virtual learning last year, I truly appreciate this more now.

A- As we enter this very busy time of year, I would encourage you to review your student’s Thursday envelope each week. Classroom teachers will keep you informed of upcoming events, and you can review completed assignments/grades with your student.

N- Next, I want to encourage you as we head into the end of the first semester to check your student’s grades online. In case you are not aware, we have an online gradebook program. If you need login/password information, you can contact Christy Sudderth at and she can help you with the information needed. You can access the gradebook through the Plainview School District website.

K- Keeping teachers and the school informed is very important. If you have a student who is absent due to sickness or is going to miss school, please make contact to Melissa Denton in our front office at 580-223-6437. We do log the information into our student information system, and maintaining great attendance is a priority we have set again this year. We certainly understand this year looks different; however, we still need for you to communicate with Melissa Denton regarding absences.

F- Feel free to contact the classroom teacher, the front office, or me anytime you have a question or comment. We are all here to help in any way possible. Even though it may sound cliché, it really does take a village!

U- Ultimately, we desire for you to be in partnership with our school. I realize this is challenging this year. This makes us stronger and healthier as a school and helps to continue our academic success. We appreciate all you do to make our school system successful and appreciate your continued support.

L- Lastly, as we enter into the holiday season, I hope you will take time to enjoy family and friends and get a little rest too. We are out a full week at Thanksgiving again this year. Hopefully, this will allow plenty of down time for everyone to rest and relax. We do expect students to attend the full week prior to our week out of school.

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Please remember to wear your mask to school daily.

November 1 - Fall Back

November 5-18 - Virtual Book Fair

November 11 - Veterans Day

November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

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