Ms. D's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week 29

Important Upcoming Dates

  • April 6th- Book Orders went home
  • April 11- Home Reading signed contracts due
  • April 11th- Home Reading Program Starts
  • April 13th- Kindergarten Graduation Photo's
  • April 13th- Book orders due
  • May 23rd- No School
  • May 30th- Field Trip to Fire Hall
  • June 23rd- Kindergarten Graduation- Details to follow closer to day!
  • Important Information:

    • Letter Review: We are starting to review our letters and the following are the ones we have covered so far. F, E, D, P. Knowing our letters (names AND sounds) is essential as students prepare for grade one!

    • Reading: During our center time, students get a chance to work "small group" (meaning two or three kids) alongside myself. During this time, we work on our reading (ex: talk about parts of the book, find familiar words as well as look at the pictures and so on..) When we are not talking about reading we are working on our writing.

    • Home reading program: Starts on Monday! I have sent home the first piece of my home reading program which is a "book" contract asking that you pay for the book should it get lost. These need to be signed and returned back by Monday.

    • Numeracy: In kindergarten we are always talking about numbers, especially numbers from 1-10. This week we started taking a in depth look at the number seven. We looked at: how to write the number seven, how it looks in numerals, how it looks in a ten frame, what number comes before as well as what number comes after it. Next week we will be looking in depth at the number eight.

    • Kindergarten Pictures: Information about these have been sent home!

    • Kindergarten Graduation: This special day has been set for June 23rd! Details will be shared closer to the day.

    Table Talk

    This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

    1) I have posted on the dojo our April poem. Have your child read the poem to you as well as act out the actions that go along with it. (Please keep in mind we have just learned the poem and so they may forget a couple words here and there!)

    2) Ask them what the sound and action of the following letters are F, E, D and P.

    Have a wonderful spring break!