Plants Grow Better in?

By: Hayden Airheart

What soil will plants grow better in?

Hypothesis- I think that plants grow better in a loamy soil.


During this experiment I am going to test to see the which soil a plant grows better in. Between sand, loam and clay. All having the same amount of water and sunlight during the experiment.

Soils and controlled variables-

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 - Chart like written evidence

  • Day 1- Sand- No Sprout, Loam- Sprout, Clay- Almost Sprouting
  • Day 2- Sand- Almost Sprout, Loam- Leafing, Clay- Sprout
  • Day 3- Sand- Sprout, Loam- Flowers, Clay- Leafing

Loam had the best results after 3 days of the experiment.


Sand- The sand plant turned out the worst, because the sands water would not hold up near the plant causing the plant to have a shortage of water giving bad growth results.

Loam- Best results, because the soil held water close to the plant and nourished it well with good nutrients, giving it great beautiful results.

Clay- Had the second best results. In between having no water and some water near the plant gave it a little bit of growth.