Innovation Update

May 2012


IP 101 in the Startup World with Nagesh Rao

May 30 at 11:00am

Hear from a recent 7 year veteran of the USPTO (Patent Examiner to Senior Policy Advisor) who will address various IP issues from an applied, pragmatic, and deeply experienced viewpoint. Learn the best practices when deriving appropriate IP-Strategic Frameworks coupled with Business and Technology Development.

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Behavior by Design with Nir Eyal

May 30 at 12:00pm

In an age of increasing online distractions, companies need to form habits to stay relevant in users' lives. Nir Eyal discusses the latest in Behavior Engineering to explain how businesses create indispensable products.

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In-N-Out Burger Delivery


Tweet your burger order to @iendeavors #workshop by 12pm. Example: 2x2, animal, jalapenos, fries, shake. This is serious business!

Business Development and M&A with Leor Stern and Tom Duterme

May 30 1:30pm

Get a sense for process and best practices around how to partner and work with large firms. And maybe even tips on how to sell your company!

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*Innovation Founders only


Customer Acquisition: Business Model Scalability with eBoost Consulting

May 16, 9-5pm

Per many Founders' requests, we are offering a Customer Acquisition Boot Camp. Digital marketing consultants, eBoost Consulting, have been brought in to run a full-day intensive and experiential event for Innovation Founders in seed or growth stage. Your own startup will be used as your case study and you will be taught how to scale your business model. At the end of the Boot Camp you will have new insight into how to evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of your business model scalability, as well as a clear plan of action to bring effective customer acquisition strategies back home.

Outreach & Impact Events

Summer Internship & Job Match: Speed Dating with Stanford

May 9th, 6:30 - 8:30pm at Innovation Endeavors

Meet 50 Stanford Engineers, Designers & MBAs that are interested in interning or working with Innovation Endeavors portfolio companies. We will kick things off with a Speed Dating session and then enjoy drinks on our rooftop deck. Please feel free to invite other top notch candidates looking for jobs or summer internships.

Vote for your favorite Space App!

May 9-15

Thanks to NASA and Talenthouse, we launched our first Innovation Challenge to find and support the best teams advancing space technology and improving our world. More than 2,000 people in 24 locations around the world participated in the International Space Apps Challenge to build Space Applications with the open data and code provided by NASA.

Vote on the Innovation Challenge Platform on May 9th. Winners will be announced at a special celebration May 17th!

Office Hours with Stanford Entrepreneurs: MBAs & Engineers

May 23 from 2:00 - 4:00pm

Join us to give friendly feedback to entrepreneurs coming out of Stanford and looking to launch a company during school or when they graduate.

Innovation and Tea with Pejman Nozad and Dror Berman


A small gathering of Israeli and Persian entrepreneurs are meeting to share a conversation with Pejman Nozad and Dror Berman about entrepreneurship and innovation at Pejman Rugs.

NASA Space Apps Celebration

Thursday, May 17th 2012 at 6:30-8:30pm

575 HIgh Street Suite 400, Palo Alto

*Location may change to Talenthouse

Piñata Bombed!!!

Welcome to the family, Order Ahead!

Welcome to the family, Talenthouse!

And the newest addition to the family does not know that they will be MARIACHI BOMBED Mañana!

On-Demand Mariachi Fiesta


How entrepreneurs are leading the fight against fake pharmaceuticals (Pharmasecure)

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Gogobot talks apps, expansion and competition

Newvem Raises $4M To Help AWS Customers Spend Less Money

Uber launches Philadelphia

Lumoback ranked as top 17 Game Changing Health Startups

Dror Berman's Opinion Piece on the future of innovation in Israel

Healthtap in the New York Times

Billguard in Forbes article on barbell economics


Addepar in the New York Times

Awardly on successful cofounder relationships

Innovation Endeavors' Super Happy Block Party on NPR

Robert Scoble's Another reason to hate silicon valley (Super Happy Block Party)

SoFi reinvents college loans

SXSW Founders House mentioned in BusinessWeek

Project Slice ranked top 10 productivity app

Billguard ranked top innovation in 2011

Gogobot is like pinterest for travels

Designing the atavist an app that rescues long form journalism

How to hire great engineers? Give them a challenge. (Quixey)

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