My Culture

The Experince of My Culture

Values and Belieifs

My values and beliefs are being responsible,knowing my manners,and last but not least being a leader not a follower.My hero is Elvis Andrus because he is a baseball player and I want to be a pro baseball player too

My Precious Goals

My Goals are:

  1. get a good education
  2. follow my dreams
  3. get a good job and raise money

What language Does My Family Speak and Communication

sometimes we speak English,but on holidays are family gets together and speak spanish and I am kind to other people.

Social Relationships

My best friend mason and my baseball family.Mason is like a brother to me.And my baseball team always inspires me and encourage me to do my best at the field or batting


Me and my family eats

  1. Sometimes Chinese food
  2. We eat chicken seasoned fajitas
  3. Fruits and vegetables
  4. And,TURKEY BACON!!!!!!
  5. And when we go out to eat, we eat at chuys

Clothing and Body Decoration

On a normal day I wear pants or shorts and a plain t-shirt.when it's a special occasions I wear a watch and a nicely done outfit with a tie.the types of jelwery I wear most often is medals from baseball or I wear a dog tag from baseball too.rattles are allowed in my family and my dad as one and so does my mom,but mom tells me not to get one if I want to.

Family Stucture

My whole family are

  1. My mom Margie
  2. My dad Isidoro (Jr)
  3. My two sisters Destiny and Delilah
  4. And finally me,Abel Ledesma

Traditions and Customs

Christmas is important to me because we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter because when Jesus was resurrected.Me and my family celebrate Christmas,Thanksgiving,Halloween,and Easter


Me and my family is Christian because we believe in God and we go to church and pray

View of Time

Me and my family likes to be early because the early bird gets the worm plus we don't have to wait in a long line of people shouting " ARE WE THERE YET MOMMY!!!!!


What i do for fun is that we play baseball or volleyball or we go to rebounder ( it auto corrected to rebounder not rebounder z ) what are family does for fun is we went to Houston in the summer!