The Sasquatch Soap Co.

Retailers - what can the Squatch do for you?

  • 100% Markup
  • Brand recognition: featured in birchbox + bespoke post
  • Men love, women love to buy for men
  • Ingredients you can pronounce
  • Help a small business pursue the dream
  • Fills growing niche of men's + natural + handcrafted

The Sasquatch Lineup

About the Soap

Our soap is cold process soap. Each bar is a base mixture of olive, coconut, hemp, soy oils, organic shea butter, water, and lye. We offer both all natural essential oils and fragrance blends. Some soaps have added exfoliants such as oatmeal or sea salt. The bars are handmade in Indiana, where we all grew up.

The Nitty Gritty

  • Pricing: Wholesale price is $3.50 for the bars. MSRP is $7.00. Savers are $4 and $8
  • Shipping: We can offer 40% off UPS retail rates. 2-3 day shipping to west coast.
  • Order Minimum: 24 min total items. Your margin goes up as your order more.
  • Payment: Purchase directly through our site, send a check, or use credit card.

The Low Down

We are a group of old friends trying to bring natural soap to the men of the world. Call or email us to join Squatch Nation!

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