Genghis Khan

A Fierce Warrior

Military Organization

Genghis Khan had great military organization which led to success during battles. He conquered lots of land in Asia including, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. One of the strategies he used against the Chinese was to do different waves of attack. First he took out most of their warriors with archers, and then went on to do some ruthless attacking.

Surrender or Die

Genghis Khan would say surrender or die, but he would preferably want you to surrender, considering that he wanted to conquer the world. Some people didn't want to give their prized possessions to Genghis Khan, so they swallowed them. So Genghis Khan and his army just went on to slaughter them and rip open their stomach so they could have the jewels and precious objects.

Ruthless Barbarian vs Mongol Hero

Some believe Genghis Khan to be a ruthless barbarian but some Mongolians think of him as a hero. Most people think of him as a hero because he conquered most of Asia. And that is not an easy job. You have to instruct 20,000 people to play their part in battles. He was also lucky to pass away at the age of 44. Lots of his warriors died at much earlier ages.

Genghis Khan Pictures

Mr. Koski

Letter to Tartar Clan by Mr. Koski