Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Aves

Order: Piciformes

Family: Ramphastidae

Genus: Ramphastos

Scientific Name: Ramphastos Toco

Common Name: Toucan


The toucan's big, colorful bill has made it one of the most popular bird's in the world. The colorful bird is found in South American rain forests where it eats fruit, young birds, eggs and lizards. Many people consider it to be a frugivore, which is an animal that prefers to eat fruit over other food. It can be considered as an herbivore or an omnivore. Toucan's either fly or walk. Usually they fly using their wings. They live in groups called flocks. The birds talk to each other in toad voices and tend to stay with their mate for life. Toucan's are closely related to Barbets.

Size and Weight

Size: 11.5-29 in.

Weight: .2875-1.5 lbs.