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Maximizing the Rest of Your Semester

Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 2:45pm


Are you trying to stay motivated for the remainder of the semester? Maybe you did not do as well during first quarter and want to ensure you make great improvements second quarter. Perhaps you are looking for study skills, or ways to handle stress as you prepare for finals? While we cannot change your grades, but we can help equip you with the skills to maximize the rest of your semester.

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The Matter of Mindset

With just a few weeks left in the semester, it's time to make sure you are turning in any missing work and staying on top of deadlines, if you are not already.

The way in which you approach tasks and learning says a great deal about your mindset. It's possible that you have head about Carol Dweck and her research on mindset. Have you heard of a growth mindset? How about a fixed mindset?

  • A fixed mindset is when you believe your intelligence is fixed, that you may not continue to grow and learn. This can lead to many obstacles in learning.
  • A growth mindset is when you believe your intelligence will continue to grow. Despite the challenges you face, the effort and struggle will actually make you smarter. In this case, you are more willing to take on tasks where initial success is not guaranteed.

Do YOU have grit? Check out this TED Talk below!

Is the key to success our abilities alone? Or, is it a combination of our abilities, passion, and perseverance?

Ask yourself... Do you have a growth mindset? How do you follow through on your commitments? Do you live life like a marathon or a sprint?

Grit: a short, yet powerful word.

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Extra Curricular Activities and Academic Competitions

As a high-ability learner, you likely have several interests and strengths to explore and hone. Academic competitions and extra curricular activities are facilitated by a variety of teachers throughout the building. Below you will find information pertaining to some academic competitions offered through Bellevue East.

Bellevue East High-Ability Learner (HAL) Services

Mr. Bossman, Room D19

Mrs. Sailors, Room E19

Miss Kinen, Room G12A

Twitter: @KinenHAL

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