Inigo Jones

Early Life of Inigo Jones

He was born in London on July 15th, 1573. Not much is known about his childhood but, between 1596/1597 and 1605 he traveled to Italy to study architecture. Also in 1609 he went to france and in 1613/1614 he went back to Italy.

His Career

He changed the style of architecture from medievil gothic to tudor style in england. He built the queen's house at Greenwich for Charles I's wife. He also built the Banqueting house at whitehall. Another one of his buildings was the queen's chapel at Marlborough gate. On most of his projects his patrons were the royal family and the country of Britian.

Queen's House

The Queen's house began being built in Britain in 1616 and when Queen Anne died in 1619 work was stopped. Jones started working on it again in 1630 and completely finished in 1635. He used symmetry, simplicity, and classical detail in his building design for the queen. This piece is related to humanism because Jones used many new tecniques to build the queen's house. This building was the start of a new architecureal style in England and it suprises me a building this important was posponed on construting it for more than 10 years.

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