Come to our class

Essential 101

Join us June 18th or 20th 6:15 pm to learn about Essential Oils

We will provide you with a brief history of Essential oils and how our modern medicine began with the plant.

We'll tantalize your senses with great smells and how you can maximize the benefits of Essential Oil use.

6:15 pm

2nd Tuesday; 3rd Thursday and 4th Saturday of each Month

We will have a different class on the dates above each month. Be sure to check in on www.FACEBOOK.COM/IAMOILS1

BroTerra - the guys side of doTERRA

When we think Essential Oils I often hear, oh yeah my wife does that. So guys listen up, this is father's day weekend and we want you to live empowered too.

I was blessed with a Dad that was resourceful and innovative; we just never knew what to expect next. But we always knew it would work out - I inherited my sense of integrity and hard work from him. I'm grateful each and everyday that I had him in my life as long as I did.

Below is a link to help the guys in our lives to feel more empowered, with a little help from doTERRA Essential oils.

We are a tribe of professional dream builders

I AM OILS WELLNESS was formed from a dream, to empower others to live a life fulfilled. Join us as we journey to empower you and your family to a more fulfilled and enriched life.