The Chronicles of Narnia

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


The Chronicles of Narnia is a story that has four children and what happened to them as they were sent away from there home in London. The youngest Lucy one day falls behind the others when they take a tour of the house. She ends up in a spare room with a wardrobe. She got very excited and full of conclusions that she opened the wardrobe and went in. When she got in there were coats, but it wasn’t just like any other wardrobe because when Lucy got so far there was something else in it. When she got inside there was a land that appeared inside.

The journey that Lucy took through the wardrobe she met a faun “Mr. Tumnus” and Mr. Tumnus took Lucy into his home then tried to make her fall asleep so he could turn her into the White Witch. Then Lucy came out of the wardrobe when Mr. Tumnus brought her back to where she knew where she was. When she was back into the spare room and told the other what happened then they didn’t believe her. Later, Edmund then followed Lucy into the wardrobe and met the Queen and she told him that she could make him king over his brother only if he brought all his family to her palace at one time. Then after time went by they had all done something that made Mrs. Macready chase them so they went into the wardrobe and all fell into Narnia.

As they came into Narnia the found a beaver that was on Aslan’s team and while they talked about Aslan’s return Edmund had slid out. He then went to the witches house and sided with her. When they realized Edmund was gone they concluded that he went to the Witches house so they got around so the witch wouldn't find the rest of the children and headed to Aslan. When they reached Aslan they ended up getting to see there brother again then they had to face the lost of Aslan. For they did not know that the rule of the black magic so Aslan life was restored. In the end Peter and Edmund take the Narnia’s side to fight and finish the witches side. Then Peter and Edmund become kings of Narnia also Susan and Lucy become queens of Narnia.