December 2019

Hello From Your R10 Social Studies K-12 Consultant

Happy Holidays.

As we enter the holiday season I hope that this time is full of family, friends and many moments of fun and fellowship. I want to personally take this time to THANK YOU for your devotion and the time you spend each day with your students.

Please feel free to share any new resources or gems that you find or know of.

We have some exciting professional development opportunities coming soon. As always, I am always available to help you with resources and would be happy to come out and work with you to support any needs you have. Please follow us on Twitter and sign up for the Social Studies Listserv.

Look for us on Twitter - @Region10SS

Looking forward to creating a community of Social Studies Educators!


The week before Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of getting to "nerd" out with all my favorite Social Studies peeps in Austin at the combined NCSS/TCSS/NCGE Social Studies Conference in Austin. As always, it did NOT disappoint. After nearly four days of learning, networking, sharing and eating amazing food, I came home thankful and exhausted. If you were not able to attend, here is a list of my TOP FIVE favorite things to share in no particular order:

  1. Check out Project Tahoe from Nevada's NW Regional Professional Development Program and Washoe County School District. They have a created a repository of document based questions, discussion lessons, text sets and BEST OF ALL - Inquiry Lessons for ALL grade levels.
  2. I have known about Google Arts and Culture for a while, but was reintroduced to all the wonderful things it has to offer. The site is a place to share artwork, places, culture, and museums from around the world in an accessible, digital format. This is a great way to show the world to those students that maybe have not had the chance to venture beyond their own community. Students can explore places like the Pyramids of Egypt, Anne Frank's House, or explore the collection of US Presidents from the National Portrait Gallery. A great place to check out is the Featured Stories. You can also explore by Time , Color, and 3D.
  3. Last summer I was introduced to a great way to share podcasts with students through Listenwise. At NCSS, I was introduced to another great way to share current news and podcasting with our youngest students. Check out Kidnuz and Dogonews.
  4. Check out Mount Vernon's Be Washington a game where students step into the boots of George Washington.
  5. Finally, check out the National Humanities Center and ALL the wonderful resources to explore.

This is just an extremely small collection of ideas from the conference. Follow Region 10 at @Region10SS and @KellyBellar. I have shared other news, updates, resources and ideas using #r10socialstudies and #R10NCSS19 there.


Come Join the Fun!

Spring Sessions!

  • 1/22 - Economic Episodes in American History
  • 1/23 - Designing SS Lessons Using TRS as the Foundation (TEKS Resource System Districts ONLY)
  • 1/27 - "Up"-ing Your Questioning Game
  • 1/28 - Revolution or Rebellion
  • 2/3 - Authentic Review for 8th Grade STAAR
  • 2/4 - Authentic Review for US History EOC
  • 2/11 - Creating History Labs w/ the Dallas Historical Society
  • 2/24 - Connecting STEM and Social Studies
  • 3/19 - Social Studies in a Digital World (3 hours) + Digital Breakouts in Social Studies (3 hours)
  • 3/23 - Using the 2020 Census in the Social Studies Classroom
  • 3/31 - Exploring the Past, Imagining the Future w/ the Frisco Heritage Museum (Frisco)

Stay Tuned for More...(Dates and Times TBD)

Spotlight on Local History

Geography is Everywhere

Integrating the Streamlined Elementary SS Standards with New ELAR Standards


December is Universal Human Rights Month

December 3 - Giving Tuesday

December 7 - National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance

Coming up in January:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day


If you are a member of a TEKS Resource System District check out the new blog.




Check out Epic Rap Battles of History

Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill. Epic Rap Battles of History
Celebrating Our Local History

Check out ALL the wonderful opportunities throughout Region 10 to connect our students to local history. Stay tuned for future resources and professional development opportunities to connect with these local historical sites.

Student Opportunities


Hello Mock Trial Coordinators! Time is running out to register your teams for Mock Trial. The last day to register is DECEMBER 15.


  • Online team registration is open now! The link to register is HERE.
  • HERE is a guide for how to register online.
  • The registration fee is $175 per team. Checks and credit cards only. No purchase orders will be accepted.
  • The schedule for the year can be found HERE.


  • HERE is the information packet for the 2020 Courtroom Artist Contest.
  • Reminder - Participation in the artist contest is not required and artists may compete without a mock trial team.

For Additional Information Contact:

Melissa Garcia

Law-Related Education Coordinator

State Mock Trial Coordinator

Dallas Bar Association


Kelly Bellar

Region 10 SS Consultant



The Texas Citizen Bee is a statewide civic education program & competition. See the website or contact Nicole Michener ( or Kelly Bellar ( for registration information.

Texas Citizen Bee Competition.  See for more information.  Contact Nicole Michener to register at
National History Day - Breaking Barriers in History

Every year National History Day® frames students’ research within a historical theme. The 2019-2020 theme is Breaking Barriers in History.

Big picture
Every Child Has a Name Project flyer sponsored by the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum


Region 10 Flyer for Assessment Con 2020. January 22, 2020 at the Hurst Convention Center

TEA Social Studies Updates

Holocaust Remembrance Week

SB 1828 instructs the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) to develop or approve materials for a statewide Holocaust Remembrance Week, starting in the 2019-2020 school year. At the THGC’s suggestion, the Governor’s Office has chosen the week of January 27, 2020, as the date for Remembrance Week. (International Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27, which is the date that Auschwitz was “liberated” by Allied troops.) Acknowledging that Texas students are best served when educators have choices in the shaping of instruction, the THGC leaves it up to individual school districts to observe Holocaust Remembrance Week by selecting from any of the items listed/linked on the THGC webpage for Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Kelly Bellar, Consultant Teaching & Learning, office phone number 972-348-1432, cell phone number 214-789-0707, Twitter @region10ss or @kellybellar