The Diary of Anne Frank

Peter Van Pels


Peter was born on November 8, 1926 in Osnabrück, Germany. He was the only child of Hermann and Auguste Van Pels. Peter went to Mauthausen, a concentration camp were he later died. He died on the 10th of August in 1945. Peter's dream was to move to the Dutch East Indies and live on a rubber plantation. He never fulfilled his dream.

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Throughout The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme, we must show courage when faced with obstacles is shown. There is courage in the annex even through the roughest times. When going into hiding, Anne was happy. When Mr. Frank says,”It's safe now. The last workman has left,” Anne shouts “WHEE!” She played around, giggled, and had a good time even though she could be discovered and killed at any moment (381). Miep and Mr. Kraler show courage as well. Anyone who helped Jews could be killed or sent to concentration camps. Both Miep and Kraler knew the consequences of helping Jews, but they still helped the families. Mr. Kraler talks about the man wanting a higher pay. “… What should I do? Pay him the money?...” Mr. Kraler was afraid the man may have told the Gestapo about sounds coming from the annex (415). Out of all the people in the annex, one of the bravest was Anne. “Anne stands, holding her school satchel, looking at her father and mother with a soft, reassuring smile. She is no longer a child, but a women with courage to meet whatever lies ahead.” The Gestapo was there to take her away but she still smiled (433). These are all examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.


Throughout The Diary of Anne Frank, even through the toughest times show faith is shown. On Hanukkah, everyone in the annex came together. They lit the menorah and said prayers. Mr. Frank says," We kindle this Hanukkah light to celebrate the great and wonderful deeds wrought through the zeal with which God filled the hearts of heroic Macabees, two thousand years ago." This demonstrates faith because they are talking about what they believe in (401). Anne's diary is about her beliefs and thoughts. She wrote," In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at s demonstrates faith because she believes that through everything that has happened, everyone who wanted Jews extinguished, were still good people (434). When things started to get rough in the annex, everyone started to lose faith. Mr. Frank says," Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us. We were sure it was the end. But it wasn't the end. We're still alive." This demonstrates faith because Mr. Frank helps rebuild everyone's faith. He tells everyone they are still alive and they should be thankful (408). These are all examples of how even through the toughest times show faith.

Active, Caring, and sweet

Peter resembles a dachshund because he is caring, lazy, and sweet. When Peter and Anne are on there date, Peter says," I don't agree at all. I think you're pretty." He was being sweet, telling her she was pretty and quieter than she was when he first met her (422). A dachshund is very sweet. They cuddle with you and want you to hold them. Anne liked to argue with the adult residents in the annex. Peter knew this and told her," Well, any time you want to let off steam, you can come into my room." Peter wasn't friends with Anne at the time, but he still cared about her feelings (418). When you feel sad, a dachshund will sit with you and try to make you feel better. When Anne took Peters shoes, Anne and Peter ran around the kitchen. " Peter makes a lunge for her. They both fall to the floor. Peter pins her down, wrestling with her to get the shoes." This suggests that Peter was active because he is chasing Anne around (382). Dachshunds love to run with their little feet. They enjoy chasing things around too. Peter was caring, lazy, and sweet just like a dachshund.


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