The Civil War Minnie Ball

How the Minnie Ball Affected the Civil War.

The Minnie ball was made for better accuracy. The bullets gas deformed the bullet which put a spin on the bullet for better accuracy. The bullets were used in Smooth Bore Muskets. It was named after Claude Etienne Minnie. It was made to expand under the pressure for better accuracy. The Minnie ball was used by the British but was also purchased and improved my the Americans.

How Did The Minnie Ball Work

The Minnie ball was made of soft lead to expand under pressure. The expansion of the bullet caused the bullet to spin and add more riffling in the barrel. Although many people believe that the bullet wasn't any more accurate than any other bullet because it just deepened on the person shooting it. That is not true because the bullet has three rings on it that basically creates an air shield around it that reduces drag and air resistance which causes the bullet to go further and straighter.