Chidren's Ministry Weekly Update

Sunday, August 1, 2020

Hello NHBC Families

Thank you to everyone for participating in my Surprise Birthday Parade and to all of those who drove by afterwards. It really meant a lot and I had a great time seeing your faces. It has been so long since we have gathered together as a Children's Ministry Church Family, so it was so good to see the kids!

Also - thank you for participating in our mid-week Children's Zoom last week. We enjoyed having an opportunity to interact with the children as a whole group. We hope to do these again every now and then. It is so important to stay connected with our church family.

This week's lesson is all about God using miracles to show that He is the One True God. Through hearing the story of how God delivered the Israelites through Egypt, we want to the kids to learn that God is indeed the One True God and there is no one greater. We don't need to put our faith in anyone or anything else. We can put our faith in God.

I want to say Thank You to Adrienne Johnson for helping with the creation of this week's video. Adrienne is one of our former Children's Ministry kids, who is now moved up to the Youth group. Her mother Lori, teaches the TAG class on Sunday mornings. The video is wonderful! We hope you enjoy it.

Please continue to pray for one another and pray that we can meet again soon.


Big picture

Moses and Aaron - Illustrated by Adrienne Johnson

This Week's Video Lesson

NHBC Kids Sunday August 1 2020