Little Rock Nine

By Shamoy James

Little Rock Nine:

The Little Rock Nine were a group of nine African-American students who enrolled in Little Rock high school. On September 4, 1957 the first day of school at Central High, the Little Rock Crisis occurred in which the students were prevented from entering the racially segregated school by a white mob because the governor, Orval Faubus deployed the Arkansas National Guard to make sure that the black children do not get in . They were given a police escort to school, but were rushed home after. At the end of the school year Ernest Green (one of the nine) was the first African-American to graduate from Central high school. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to attend all of their graduations because he's was surprised to see that black children were able to get through a successful year at a white school.


They were brave for being able to walk through a crowd that were even willing to kill them just to prevent them from going to a white kid school. I think they were just trying to get a better education for themselves. At the end they were successful in graduating from and high school even though they were always stop by a mob of white people tormenting them and often felt mistreated.

Some quotes said by The Little Rock Nine


Q:What is the best thing that they were able to get after the crisis?

A: A great education the gift of being able to learn and make things better for better for black children

Q:What got them through the tormenting of the mob?

A: The persistence and drive to be able to graduate from high school