Japanese Imperialism

By: Cara, Casey, and DJ

Japanese Imperialism?

The Japanese imperialism started in 1868 and ended in 1947. Meanwhile in that time period, a lot of things happened and changed. Here is some a small summary of what had happened in that time because of Japanese Imperialism. Japanese Imperialism had modernized the economy and the military. During that time Japan had emerged from two and a half centuries and self imposed peaceful isolation. Also Japan was very arrogant and also thought that the gods liked and favored them more than any other country.

By the 1870’s, war started to break out and warships threatened and attacked Korea’s port city of Busan at Ganghwa island. During the attack Japan was proving its perceived superiority through its military. By 1876, Korea signed a treaty made by the Japanese. On that treaty, it said the granting of the Japanese in Korea extraterritoriality. In 1878 a branch of Japan's bank was established in Busan.

By the early 1890’s, Russia had expansions in mind. While they were making plans, Japan’s military was making strategies to look upon Korea as a defence. And in 1894, a war was approaching between Japan and China regarding Korea. Meanwhile, in 1894 in London, Japan had signed a new commercial and navigation treaty - the Aoki-Kimberley Treaty with Britain. And finally, in 1898, Russia and Japan agreed to refrain from interference in Korean politics and to consult with each other before sending military or financial advisors to Korea – seven years before the outbreak of war between these two countries.

In case you didn't quite understand everything, here is a video full of information about it all, with more details.

Japanese Imperialism