2nd Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: May & June 2016


Second grade artists have begun to explore what the art world was like in colonial America. They will create their own historical silhouettes and learn about the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of hex signs then create their own. Later students will learn about the Quaker artist Edward Hicks and his many versions of "A Peaceable Kingdom". Students will create their own peaceable kingdom using an oil pastel and watercolor resist process.


Second graders will finish reading European folk and fairy tales including Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We will finish the school year with a Readers’ Theater performance of The Trial of Cardigan Jones.


I have had such a wonderful time working with this second grade class. We will be finishing our jazz and musical theatre unit this month. We will also end the year singing some fun songs, playing instruments, and dancing to the beat! Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!


The first part of May will focus mainly on Field Day activities that the students will be participating in at the big event. Students will be familiar with the activities prior to Field Day so they will be able to comfortably perform the required tasks. Following Field Day and weather permitting, PE class will move outside for game play on the fields. The rock wall will be used one final time. In the final week of the school year, the students will have the opportunity to choose a few of their favorite games and activities that were played during the school year and repeat these activities one final time before summer vacation.


Second graders are excited to sell our drinks during Alumni and Family Day on May 7th that we developed through our project based learning. We will end the project by reflecting about the positives and negatives of the whole experience. We conclude the year by continuing our explorations into matter. We will learn about chemical and physical reactions through things that produce gas, rust and even have a controlled explosion with Mentos and soda. It will be a blast!

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In April we began learning the verbs for common leisure time activities in Spanish (to cook, to swim, to walk, to paint, to draw, to run…). Students are learning to express what they like to do and to ask someone else as well. This unit is full of active games like charades and scavenger hunts. We couple the activities with learning or reviewing the verb “gustar” (to like). Second graders will spend a few more weeks with this unit and then we will wrap up the year with a review of everything we have covered throughout the year.