Why to visit Peru

Visit Peru for amazing views, culture, and atmosphere. Home of the source of the Amazon River, one of the largest rivers in the world. This country has more than 30 universities, and tons of hotels for tourist. This country is over 495,000 square miles, and it is full of amazing attractions. Peru is one of the best countries to travel to on earth.

What kind of customs do people have in Peru?

People in Peru tend to talk closely and with a lot of eye contact, also when visiting people you tend to arrange visiting before coming, and being served a light breakfast in the afternoon is not uncommon.

What is the weather like in Peru?

Peru experiences a lot of rainfall in some areas like the lowlands, and in the mountains they have very dry weather, but summers are always hot and winters are always cold.

What does Macchu Picchu considered by UNESCO?

Macchu Picchu is considered "The Lost Island" by UNESCO.

What does "Pachamama" mean?

Pachamama means "the mother of earth".

Where does Criolla music come from?

Criolla music comes from racial mixing in Peru, made with congas and guitars, this music is different from anything in the United States.