Staff Update

Monday, December 15th - Friday, December 19th

Week at a Glance

Monday, Dec. 15th

  • Lorna is out

Tuesday, Dec. 16th

Wednesday, Dec. 17th


  • at the Emerson on Myrtle Ave.

Thursday, Dec. 18th

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Compass Board Meeting

  • The board meeting is open to the public and will occur in the community room.

Friday, Dec. 19th

This Week's Events


We are having our winter party this Wednesday, December 17th! There will be pizza, drinks, and merriment! We will walk over to the Emerson on Myrtle Ave. together after Wednesday planning at 5:15 PM. You are welcome to bring a guest! If you haven't already, please RSVP to Todd.

Wednesday Planning and Professional Development

Here is the schedule for Wednesday afternoon:

1:15 - 1:45: All staff pre-winter break check-in and presentation of Tuesday afternoon meeting schedules for January

1:45 - 2:45:

  • Kindergarten CST for CW and ZY in the Community Room
  • First grade teams have independent work time

2:45 - 3:15:

  • First grade CST for YS in the Community Room
  • Kindergarten teams have independent work time

3:15 - 5:15: Grade Level Planning

5:15: Walk over to the holiday party


Thanks for the Plans!

Thanks to all of you for sending your plans to us on time this weekend! It is great to be able to see what you're planning to do in the coming week.

This Week's Coaching Cycles

We are wrapping up our very first full coaching cycle this week! Thanks for welcoming us into your classrooms and being open and reflective. We are currently on Week 3:

Week 1:




Week 2:


- Sara


Week 3:

- Lorna


- Meghan