Redboon Coon Hounds

Where the red fern grows. Blake Martin

Basic facts about the coon hound

It is a dog that usually lives 11-12 years. Most dogs will be 21-27 inches tall and weigh 50-70 pounds. Not much grooming is needed because they are light shedders.

Facts about the Redbone Coon Hound

This breed needs physical exercise, it is a naturally born hunting dog. Redbones need to fenced in but have enough room to exercise on there own. This dog breed is easy to train and good with families and children. Because this dog is an all terrane dog and all weather it is a hunters dream before. Also this dog is great for hunting waterfowl.

Some pictures of these great dogs!

Guaranteed to be a Relaxing and Fun Dog

Redboon Coon Hounds build

The Redbone Coon Hound is a handsome, robust, and strong coonhound. There paws are compact and cat-like, with thick, strong pads

Always love the dog if you choose to buy one