3D Printers

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Its helping humans!

In the medical field 3D printed implants will help to increase the quality of life for many people in society due to the incredible customization abilities of 3D printers human body parts will be fitted exactly to individuals and their differences helping to make better titanium bone implants, prosthetic limbs and devices used by dentists

safety concerns

Hot surfaces print head block and UV lamp. High voltage UV lamp connector, electric outlet safety certified and ground wire. Ultraviolet radiation UV lamp. Don’t look at the lamp make sure the UV screen is intact. Moving parts printing assembly.


3D Printing: Make anything you want


I think that 3D printing is a very good idea for all kinds of things in the world one thing i like is the fact that they are using it for human body parts.


You can buy one of those DIY kit in the market and build up yourself. It is cheaper than the professional rapid prototyping, for $1000 or less you can have one 3D printer. While the professional rapid prototyping cost at least $50,000.