About Teamwork


When do you use teamwork?You use teamwork when you are trying to achieve something but can not do it alone, for example in the kitchen you might want something that you can not reach you could figure a way to use teamwork to get to what you want to achieve,that is when you use teamwork. How you use teamwork? You might use teamwork if you can't get something or need to do it fast or when you need help to accomplish something.

Teamwork is awesome

Love the team

When you are doing a project with a team you may not like your team mates,and you do not need to become friends if you do not wish to but it is always nice to help. If one person doesn't help and just talks it makes it harder,slower,and more frustrating. If you are in a team you should help. Just think if one person was the boss and didn't help and just told you what to do and didn't listen to your ideas,do you think it would work well?
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