New Pre-K Unit

Flowers and Gardens

Dear Parents,

We are very excited about the flowers and gardens theme of our class's upcoming new unit. We have a lot of fun activities planned that will teach your child about how plants grow and develop. They will be learning about some different types of plants from around the world, about some little creatures that help flowers grow, and they will even get a chance to grow some plants of their own.

Our science lesson for flowers and gardens will be about how plants grow. Your child will learn that a tiny seed can grow to a small sprout, then a bigger plant, then a blossom with nothing but sunlight and water.

For math, we will be handling real vegetable and flower seeds. Your child will practice sorting them by color, size and shape. They will also count the seeds to practice their numbers.

To teach social studies, we are planning to show the kids some crazy tropical plants, prickly desert plants, and beautiful Asian plants that they probably don't see every day. Your child will learn a lot about other places and see gardens that aren't exactly like theirs.

Your child will also learn about the important job bees have, which is pollinating the flowers. We will make this lesson fun by playing a game of musical flowers, in which the kids will be little bees and the flowers we make will be the "chairs" in musical chairs. Whoever gets on the last flower has pollinated the most. We hope to not only show your son or daughter how pollen is distributed, but also help them see that bees are helpful little creatures and aren't as scary as they may believe.

Here Are Some Crafts We'll Be Doing:

Grass Heads

Paper Flowers

Pretzel Butterflies

*If your child has any allergies, please remember let us know so that no one eats anything that could be harmful.

As you can see, there are some really exciting activities coming up in this unit, and we are looking forward to showing your child the amazing things that take place in a garden!

To help out our teachers, please bring in

  • a sock
  • some buttons