Bessie Coleman

By: Kennedy and Lillyan

The beging of bessie colman

Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta Texas she was the tenth out of thirteen children. She was a African American and because of her color she grew up in a world of poverty and discrimination . She showed those people wrong when she became the first ever African American women to get her licenses to become a pilot.

Bessie colemans death

Bessies first major accident was 1926 April 30 in Jacksonville Florida. The plane did not pull out of nosedive so Bessie fell to her death. Her body then retuned to Chicago and we still mourn the death of the great Bessie Coleman.

We will always remember you

Bessie Coleman gave thousands of people courage to stand up even though they were a different color. Today we have African American people working in shops, teaching, and some people even have there own company. That's why we will always remember Bessie Coleman.