China Resists Outside Influence

Section 1


Cameron Carpenter and Jadn Thatcher

Key Idea

Western economic pressure forced China to open to foreign trade and influence. They only opened one port & were forced to trade with US & European nations.


The Chinese began to rebel against their own government. A leader began to arise in southern China who hoped to save China. He launched a rebellion that won control of large parts of the south, including the city of Nanjing.

Sphere of Influence

Many Chinese grew increasingly resentful of foreign influence. They formed the Society Harmonious Fists, known as the Boxers. They wanted to get rid of all western influence, including any Chinese who had accepted Western culture or the Christian religion.

Empress Cixi

The Empress Cixi ruled China, even though younger emperors ruled in name of men. She supported some reforms. She backed the self- strengthening movement, which produced new ships for China. The retired Cixi had him arrested and took back control of the government.

Trade War

China allowed only limited trade with European powers, and it all had to come through one port. Also, the trade at this port was in China’s favor. In the early 1800s, they found it—the drug opium, shipped mostly from India. Soon millions of Chinese were addicted to opium, and the Chinese government complained. When the British refused to stop the trade, war broke out.