Nat's 40th Birthday

AKA: Girls Weekend Escape

Here's the plan . . . . .

Yes the day is fast approaching and I can no longer ignore my impending 40th birthday. I want to start with a big thankyou to Lorri for her power of organisation. I think she knows what a write-off November and December are for me and if left to my own devices no celebrations are likely to eventuate!

The plan is this - to have a fun, guilt free weekend away from our normal hustle and bustle. There are numerous activities planned (High Tea, Shopping, Dinner etc) but it is entirely up to you which ones you would like to participate in.

The idea is to feel free at any stage to pop off and do your own thing, I will not be offended I love you all and would just like everyone to have a lovely weekend away.

Apologies in advance I am going to add some photos below :)