the iguana

weekly care

Iguanas need water readily available and should be offered fresh dark leafy greens 1-2 times a day

An iguana’s habitat should be around 85 degrees in the daytime with a 110 degree basking light and around 75 degrees at night with a 85 degrees hiding spot. They also need a UVB light to process calcium. They should also be sparyed to keep a high humidity.

Iguanas environment should be cleaned every day.

Interesting facts

Common name: iguana

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Metazoa

Phylum: Chordata

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Class: Reptilia

Fun Facts

  • Male iguana's have two penis' one of which goes into the cloaca of the female iguana when mating.

  • Iguanas can stay under water for 28 mins.
  • Green iguanas are 6.5 feet tall, weighing 10-15 lbs
  • Males are called bulls
  • Females are called cows