Drama C Remembers

By Jordan Nelson

Favorite Assignment

My favorite assignment (well, I guess it’s not really an “assignment,” more like a project) was performing our two plays (of course I couldn’t pick one), High School Musical and A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol. I loved acting in front of the live audience, and I am distraught that I don’t have the chance to do it freshman year of high school. I could honestly see myself getting into more projects like this sometime in my life - outside of school. It was truly a wonderful experience, and I did not want it to end.

Least Favorite Assignment

No, it wasn’t the “Broadway Project,” Jacob, I actually enjoyed that. Never pass up an opportunity to look at Lin-Manuel Miranda. Probably, it was the rehearsal of HSM… Does that count? Ugh, I hated that, but I loved acting in the musical. I guess you have to do something you hate to work towards what you love.

My goal in Select Drama

My goal was to become Leonardo DiCaprio, but since that DIDN’T happen, my fallback was to learn how to be comfortable singing in front of an audience. Other than my mom and brother, my HSM audition was the first time I’ve ever sang - like really sang - with my real voice - in front of people other than my family. Now, I’m ready to take Broadway by storm this summer!!

Things I’ve accomplished in Theatre Arts

I’ve accomplished a cornucopia (membean word and Thanksgiving tradition) of my “goals” this year, one breaking said never-sing-in-front-of-anyone-phobia. Besides that, I perfected my southern drawl and, what I like to call, “my daddy’s going to hurt you” British-snob accent. I’ve also strengthened my friendship with some of my peers - which has been a blessing to get to know all of you.

Things I remember in Theatre Arts

Aww I might cry. And if you’re ever reading this in the future, know that I was crying when writing this. Let the tears fall, my child…

  • I remember auditioning for Select Theatre with my Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore, monologue.

  • I remember the countless times I’ve made fun of Porky - JK, love you Parker.

  • I remember singing “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as my first public display of thy voice.

  • I remember talking to Jacob about our favorite TV shows instead of doing work.

  • I remember Adidev’s “Indian Basketball Star” monologue.

  • I remember Haley always being there for me.

  • I remember Langston slaying every song/dance he’s ever done.

  • I remember slowly falling in love with acting.

  • I remember Brooke’s, Charlotte’s, and my Ooga and Oga skit.

  • I remember our sixth grade “Frozen” reenactment

  • I remember hitting the coolest note in said “Frozen” reenactment.

  • I remember Cosette being the person who has the same personality as me.

  • I remember my British “Merryweather” accent in A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol.

  • I remember me, as Sharpay, getting pied in the face.

  • I remember Charlotte slapping Donovan really hard. Like, REALLY hard.

  • I remember Donovan’s “Newsies” outfit.

  • I remember Payton’s famous quote: “Haley… You’re hot.”

  • I remember me making Parker look like Frank Castle from “Daredevil”/beat up

  • I remember Miss. Mary-Had-A-Little-Lamb

  • I remember me realizing I’m not the only one who listens to “Hamilton.”

  • I remember our Disney jam-sessions.

  • I remember Donovan’s Canadian accent.

  • I remember me and Brooke’s “We Are The Champions” dance and lip sync.

  • And finally, I remember that this was the best class I have ever taken.

How Theatre Arts has helped me

Theatre Arts will always hold a special place in my heart. I will always, always, always, remember each and every one of you and how good of actors you all are. It helped me learn to be confident and flamboyant in public without caring what others think of me, and it has helped me with my overall performing abilities.