Ecology Scavenger Hunt

By: Samathan Bernal & Nancy Santoyo

Biotic vs Abiotic

This rock is not alive so it's abiotic but the plant is so its biotic

Autotroph vs Heterotroph

This plant can make its own food meanwhile the dog must eat

Predator vs Prey Relationship

The dolphin eats the prey because it's a small fish


This is mutalism because they are both helping each other have fun
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This tall tree is blocking the small bush of sun
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This is an example of communalism because Lauryn is having fun but Nancy is neutral
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Food chain

This is an example of a food chain because it shows the order where animals or plants eat.
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Carbon cycle

Delaney breathes out carbon and the fire releases carbon

Nitrogen cycle

Delaney breathes out nitrogen
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Water cycle

This shows the order of the water cycle
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