Money Hungry

By Sharon G. Flake

Main Idea

This book is about a 13 year old girl named Raspberry Hill who lived in the projects and her mom worked all the time and her dad was bum. She used to live on the streets and have absolutely no money and thats the reason why she is addicted to money now.

How she got money

She didn't do anything illegal to get money she used to sell stuff and mow her neighboors yard or help clean there house. Her mom didn't like the fact that she had money even if she didn't earn it illegally. Raspberry couldn't even go to bed without having money around her. She was addicted to it.

It went from an addiction to almost a drug to her

What Happened

Her and her mom's house was robbed and the first thing she did was go and look for her money and when she saw that her money wasn't there she was livid but she felt like she just wanted to bust out crying because she had lost all that she earned.