The Bunny and The Goat

By: Hailey Palmer

There once was a goat grazing in the pasture. It had all of the necessities for it to survive. It had crops, grass, water from a nearby stream, and, it had a nice bed of hay for it to lay on. A bunny, wandering out of a woods nearby looking for some food, spotted the goat, and soon became very jealous. He wanted that pasture, and the food. The bunny had been enemies with the goat for years, because the goat always got the good land, food, water, and everything else that you could imagine an animal would need to survive, while the bunny was always left with nothing. The goat despised the bunny because he thought that he had the worst manners, was rude, and mean. The bunny sat there for a moment, thinking about what he should do. Then, his face lit up. "I've got a plan." He said mischievously.

The bunny ran over to the goat's pasture. He said to the goat, "I'll trade you all of this food, water, and pasture for something very luxurious." "And what could that be?" The goat asked, pretty annoyed. "I'll give you a large piece of land, two times the size of this, that will give you plenty of land. It has many crops and has a humongous lake for both drinking and bathing water." That got the goat's attention. "Where is this "luxurious" piece of land?" The goat questioned. "It is far back into the woods over there, so far you can't see it from here." The fox replied. "It's a deal." The goat agreed. "Here, I'll take you back into the woods to find it."

The bunny blindfolded the goat, so that he couldn't see, and took the goat far into the woods. "Why do I have this blindfold on me again?" The goat asked. "So that you have a big surprise after you see it." The bunny smirked.

After thirty minutes of walking, the bunny stopped the goat. "This is it. You can remove the blindfold now." The goat removed his blindfold, and saw nothing the exact opposite of what the bunny described. There was nothing but dry grass, dead trees, and no food. The goat looked behind him, and saw the bunny darting away. "You fool!" The fox yelled at him. "You should never trust your enemy!"

The Moral Of The Story

The moral of this story is to never trust your enemy, even when its tempting.