Easter Spring Bowtie Madness SALE

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Springtime is getting near and Easter celebrations are approaching. We know that you will want to stand out on Easter Sunday and a Bowtie By EDJ will definitely get you noticed. No matter what you are planning to wear, a Bowtie by EDJ will enhance any suit of choice. Get yours today! Just in time for Easter! To purchase these bowties or to see even more styles, visit www.BowtiesByEDJ.com and enter coupon code SPRING2013 at checkout.

Mr. Perseverance

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Mr. Flexibility

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All Bowties by EDJ are on sale! Get $5 off using coupon code: SPRING2013

To purchase these bowties or for more styles, visit www.BowtiesByEDJ.com

Bow Ties By EDJ

Bowties By EDJ are designed to be one, and maybe, two of kind. We created BowtiesByEDJ to give you an edge (or as we like to say "EDJe") in men's accessories. Our Bow ties are freestyle, but if you're new to bowties, we've got you covered. At your request, we can ship your bowtie Ready2Wear! We believe every man should wear a bowtie, and not just for formal or important events. Everyday is eventful for a man wearing a Bow Tie By EDJ!