Scholastic Book Clubs

Each month we will send home up to three different Scholastic Book Club catalogs containing books available for purchase. Each catalog is tailored to be developmentally appropriate for all of our preschoolers. Honeybee contains fantastic books to explore with one and two year-olds. Firefly contains books that will engage little ones who are ready for more stories (usually 2.5-3.5 years). See Saw offers books that pre-K children will find exciting. Hopefully you will discover books that you and your children love to read.

By purchasing books through the book clubs, you will save money on great books for your family's library and the school will earn free books to add to our collection for everyone to enjoy! Each month we will send out the catalogs at the beginning of the month. We typically allow about two weeks for the book orders to come in so you have time to pick out the best books for your family.

You can go online to and use our class activation code HJPDZ to order your books and make payments online.

If you would like to send in a check, please include a check made out to Scholastic Books with your order form. Make sure to include your child's name on the order! There will be a "Book Order" envelope on the white board for you to turn in your order.

We encourage you to take advantage of some great priced books to enhance your child’s reading library. It’s also a great way to help us earn free books for our school library. Reading great books are a wonderful way to promote a love for reading and literacy in your children. Happy reading!