What whould happen to Water AnnikaL

Annika Larment


Hi my name Millie I can tell you all about water. It is found all over the world even in the desert. Do you want to Know about Water or what?

What is water?

I’m so glad you chose to learn about water lest gets stared. Water comes form the sea, the river, oceans and like I said in the desert. People use water a lot in there house. do you not notest how much water you are using in one day, well can tell you how water you use for a: toilet 5L,hand washing 1L,shower,40L you washing your dish 65L you teeth 5L and garden sprinkler wow this one is lost 1,000L per hour.

How and why is water wasted?

MMM that one is tricky but I can say yes water is washed in so many different ways. Having loge shows and by living the tap on and brushing your teeth at the same time you if you do that do not do it any, more.

What will happen if we continue to wasted water?

Just think of this you walk into your bathroom all ready to have a shower you turn on and nothing come out you just think maybe it’s just the shower so you do don’t have a shower now you go to your sink and sill nothing comes out of it how bad will that be so you smell and you teeth are dirty.

What can you do stop wasting water

Do not have loge shower and sing in there, and tell people don’t weast water do be so mean and bad just use about 5L and the world will be happy so keep up the good work ye!

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