Employ Props Successfully

Visual, Audio, and Physical Props Should Be Employed

What are props?

Props are items or images that help the audience understand what you are talking about. They give a more vivid image.

Props can be any size or shape as long as they fit to what you are talking about. Let's say you are trying to promote a new design for a plastic bottle. If you wanted to bring a prop, you could bring the old bottle design and your new bottle design. Props don't always need to be solid, some sounds or videos can be used as props too.

Why have props?

Having props helps your presentation catch the attention of more people. Having them included in your speech or presentation will make it more interesting; people get something creative or engaging to look at.
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How do I use props?

Props can be used at almost anytime in a speech or presentation. Just make sure not to overload people's minds with them. Use them in times you think people will have a hard time understanding your speech That way, you are using your props in the most effective ways.