We Are Only as Strong as...

The Environment We Live In

I've turned on the tv and seen those horrible commercials of suffering or even dying animals. How can somebody watch that? I always end up cringing or closing my eyes. Is this really real? So many animals suffer the consequences of humans being so careless. It's time to show we care and spend more money on saving these inisant animals.
If we spend more money less animals will go extinct. Extinction is natural but too often it is caused by humans(Scholl,2010).If animals go extinct they are not just going to reappear. If carnivores like the fox or bobcat go extinct the food chain will become unbalanced and some species will get out of control.
If we spend more money on space for animals -like reserves or wildlife parks- you will find less animal human contact(Warren,2013). For example, interactions such as raccoons in your garabage or stray cats peeing in your shoes. Because plenty of towns separate animal habitats, there is lots of road kill caused. A way to keep that from happening is leaving narrow strips of land and building tree covered bridges, so the animals can cross the street safely.
We need to help the animals, because humans started this mess. Humans pollute and destroy habitats and hunt the inisant animals within them. For example, a cousin of the alligator, the Black Caimen, was almost hunted to extinction. It's skin was used for shoes and bags, and thousands were killed(Scholl,2010).We also need to be careful about the chemicals we use; such as DDT. DDT killed so many birds such as Peregrine falcons, Bald eagles, and Brown Pelicans, all in an attempt to exterminate pests. DDT was eventually banned, but that isn't always enough. We need to spend more money eliminating anything hurtful to any animals to make our earth a safer environment.
Some people disagree and say they can't afford to donate or have better things to spend their money on. That's no excuse. You could easily ride a bike to save on gas, go outside and save on electricity on tv, or even take a shorter shower and save on water. Those are just three of the many things you could do to save money and donate to help the suffering, helpless animals of this earth.
Next time you want to go home and take a long hot shower; shorten it just a few minutes, the next day stop by an animal shelter and make a donation. It will be worth it in the long run, and it will go to you not just the animals.


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