Coaches Corner


The Architecture of Writing Conferneces

Our homework over break was to read "The Architecture of Writing Conferences" by Lucy Caulkins (For homework, it was really good! You can read it here:

Here are some of the big ideas:

  • Stage 1 Research: Learn what the writer is already trying to do. What are you working on as a writer? What are you going to do next? How do you feel about this piece?
  • Stage 2 Decide: What is it you can teach that will make the biggest impact on this child's writing- not only in this instance but in her whole life?
  • Stage 3 Teach: Teach toward growth, explicitly name what the child was successful doing, one teaching point>practice that with students, restate the teaching point
  • Stage 4 Link: Leaving the conferences, the writer should want to write!

Shared Experience Learning: Discussing the "HOW" of Teaching

As some of you have experienced, in November the coaches had an assignment: teach a writing lesson to either a third or fifth grade class and be taped.

Over break, coaching teams watched our groups' videos and reflected on student learning. Today, we debriefed the videos and talked about the "how": how each person taught the lesson and their unique instructional moves that led to student success.

The learning was powerful- it is amazing what you can learn from watching others teach. We will share more with you during the next language ERD!

PARCC doesn't measure what you know, it is what you do with what you know!

PARCC Updates

- Winter is coming... and the test results will be coming sometime soon

- 4th Grade CMAS is on a three year rotation. CHE will not have CMAS this year!