Class Dojo

Learn to improve your classroom management

EQ: How can I use ClassDojo to effectively manage my classes behavior?

Teachers can use this classroom management tool to keep students focused and on task. Using Class Dojo can help students improve on specific behaviors and be engaged them with awards and real time feedback. You can create student behavior reports to share with parents or administrators. Teachers can use Class Dojo with a smartphone, computer, or iPad.

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Here is what a sample class would look like

Notice the features
  • Attendance
  • Timer
  • Random
  • Award Multiple Students

Student Introduction to ClassDojo
Class Dojo Tutorial
Class Dojo - A Short Film

Teacher Confessions

"Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I used class dojo to randomly pick students today and the kids went nuts! They all loved their monsters! Thanks for sharing!" -MHS Teacher


  • use in a consistent way

  • use for participation when students answer questions

  • use for turning in assignments

  • use for games or teams

  • allow time for students to get adjusted, some may seem uncertain about this program at first but then will come around and bug you for points.

  • Although you have the option to share with parents and students, I would give yourself time to get familiar with using the program and figure out the best way it will work with your classes before sharing this information by email.
  • What works for one class, may not work with another.