Callisto, Jupiter's 3rd moon.

By: Rebecca Martis

What is Callisto?

Callisto is a moon. It's one of Jupiter's largest moons! Actually, it's the third LARGEST moon in the solar system! Callisto is 4,800 km (2,985 miles), in diameter. That's bigger then Pluto!

Callisto orbits around Jupiter every 16.7 Earth days. It is heavily cratered and does show signs of an ocean being there!

Callisto is made entirely out of water ice, carbon dioxide, silicates, and organic compounds. A spacecraft called, Galieo, also found out it has a rocky core.

Callisto in History.

The moon, Callisto, was founded in January 7, 1610 by Galileo Galilei.

In Roman mythology, Callisto was a nymph of Diana (Greek name: Artemis) , meaning she made a vow stay pure forever, basicaly meaning she will never fall in love with a man. But, Jupiter (Greek name: Zeus) took the from of Diana, trying to evade Juno's(Greek name: Hera) wrath. He lured the young mistress and fell in love. She was found out about her pregnant condition while bathing the other nymphs and Lady Diana herself. Once founded out, Diana exiled her from the group and Juno took revenge by turning into a bear. Callisto then gave birth to Acras, who, it said to be either bear or man...Her death was either by the hands of her own son, Acras or Lady Diana's silver arrow and bow, under the guidance of Juno.

Nonetheless, Jupiter placed both Acras and Callisto up in the stars. The two made up the constalitons of Ursa Major and Minor.

Some pictures of Callisto

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