Al Capone

Simeon Loveland

Al Capone

He was born on January 17, 1899 he died on January 25, 1947.

Al Capone was the biggest mobster in the 1920's he had control of all of Chicago. He had over one hundred killings done to people who were not loyal or he just wanted them dead. He was never found guilty for any of the murder but for not claiming income tax on his earnings. He lost all power while he was in jail. After he got out he went to his home in Florida and died there.

Impact on the 1920's

He had control over all of Chicago, and other places. he made an impact on ever day life you could not go out and be safe. He had a big impact on the police force, even though he had control over part of it there were still good cops. And after Al Capone the police force became for inforced and more controlling.
Mini Bio: Al Capone


1) Which president order Nash to do an investigation?

2) Who are the untouchables?

3) How did he loose his power?