Sal Taddeo

President of Salangi Enterprises LLC

New Jersey Realtor

Sal Taddeo is a man of many talents. The family man with a heart of gold can do anything he sets his mind to. He has an entrepreneurial spirit about him that makes him constantly want to make a business better and learn all he can about an industry. With his can-do attitude, Sal Taddeo successfully earned his New Jersey real estate license.

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Sal Taddeo: Courses Studied

Sal Taddeo is a well-educated man. He was a sponge in school, soaking up all the practical information he could in order to become a fantastic employee for whatever company brought him on board. Learning is what Sal Taddeo does well, and he honestly loves it every day. Sal Taddeo believes that knowledge is key and extremely important to have and gives will power to all who have it. Thus, Sal Taddeo studied long hours to excel in school and to educate himself as much as possible.

While attending the Institute of Design and Construction in Brooklyn, New York, Sal Taddeo took a vast amount of classes. The courses he took, taught him a diverse amount of information, which was great for the forward thinking Sal Taddeo knowing he would someday need all this vast amount of information. Some of the courses that Sal Taddeo took that ended up being some of his favorites were Facility Operations and Project Management, Construction, Cost Estimating and Budgeting, Methods of Construction and Site Safety, Architectural Planning and Design, Mechanical and Structural Design, and Zoning and Building Law. Design classes were some of Sal Taddeo’s favorite to be in. Learning how the designing of mechanical structures and architecture was all fascinating to young Sal Taddeo.

The Institute of Design and Construction is an exceptional institute that has been provided vocational education to its students for almost 70 years. Originally started in 1947, the school has been authorized by the New York State Board of Regents to confer Associate Degrees of Occupational Studies. Attending here was a great educational decision for Sal Taddeo.

Sal Taddeo - Bradlees Department Stores

For over 20 years, Sal Taddeo has been gaining experience and establishing himself in multiple industries in order to climb up the corporate latter. Now as a senior level manager, that experience has paid off for Taddeo, who has come a long way since joining the corporate world. The excellent leader has been able to find success in every position he has held for the companies he has worked with.

Starting in 1987, and up to approximately 1997 Sal Taddeo worked with Bradlees Department Stores. . There was almost nothing Sal did not do for the company. Sal Taddeo oversaw and directed the functions of facility operations, maintenance, construction, security, loss prevention and other divisions for the Bradlees Department Stores. Sal Taddeo did not only oversee these responsibilities for one store but 311 department stores throughout the northeast region. He covered the entire Northeast region of stores that averaged 100,000 square feet of space.

As a key member of the planning and design team for Bradlees Department Stores, Sal Taddeo was able to be a part of the $15 million acquisition of May’s Department Store building at Union Square in Manhattan. Sal Taddeo was in charge of its build out, and renovation.. Along with this, Sal Taddeo oversaw the procurement, purchasing, lease acquisitions and maintenance contract negotiations with all vendors and contractors for all of its 311 department stores. Sal Taddeo was also the liaison with all union delegates on all allocations and projects, for its entire chain.

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The French Culinary Institute - International Culinary Center

For over thirty years, The French Culinary Institute (now called the International Culinary Center) in New York City has offered classical French training to both aspiring chefs and professionals in the restaurant industry. As the International Culinary Center, the school has expanded training to include intensive studies in wine education, Italian, and Spanish cuisine. Today, ICC is one of most renowned choices for education in the culinary arts.

The program at ICC is six months in duration and offers students a fast-paced and intensive learning environment, where professional chefs share hands on techniques in a small class environment. Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder of ICC, wanted to offer students the type of fast tracked culinary education, coupled with time working in a restaurant kitchen that has long been a traditional way of learning in French culinary schools.

The program at ICC culminates with student chefs working at L’Ecole restaurant, alongside their chef instructors. Students gain experience working in every station of the restaurant and truly get a taste for working in a world class New York City restaurant. Today, L’Ecole is a celebrated restaurant, offering the students of ICC the perfect platform to showcase their passions for the culinary arts.

True to his Italian roots, Sal Taddeo has a deep appreciation for fine food, and especially enjoys meals with his family and loved ones. Taddeo is an accomplished cook and has attended the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center). Sal Taddeo loves nothing more than preparing lavish meals for his family, drawing on both his Italian roots as well as his culinary education.

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Approved Oil of New York City - Family Owned and Operated

Approved Oil was established in 1932 in New York City and today the company is the largest family-owned oil company serving the city. In the beginning, Approved Oil’s main business was the delivery of oil heat throughout the city. As heating needs grew over the years, the company expanded their services to include heating equipment maintenance, new equipment installation, energy consultation and emergency services.

Approved Oil puts the customer first and has always aimed to provide the best service at the most competitive prices for both residential and commercial customers. Owners of oil-heated buildings have unique challenges—they are often faced with city regulations as well as aging equipment that might not operate in the most efficient manner.

Approved Oil seeks to ease these challenges by providing the most cost efficient option for each building as well as energy consulting solutions to help manage heating costs.

Approved Oil offers energy auditing services to help businesses and homeowners understand the energy use factors in their buildings. With an energy audit, Approved Oil can offer a plan to reduce and conserve energy by providing a comprehensive picture of how the building consumes resources. Audits are conducted in a four step process including a cost evaluation, a preliminary building assessment, a detailed building assessment and a comprehensive report Once the information is gathered, Approved Oil can offer tools for implementation, including installation of more energy efficient and cost effective equipment.

Sal Taddeo is the Director of Sales for Approved Oil. As a native of Brooklyn, he takes great pride in working for a family owned business and bringing the goods and services of the company to the New York City population.

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How to Become an Expert Cook

Cooking includes the use of warmth on foodstuffs. The essential object of cooking is to soften (or on account of flour merchandise, for example, cake, to balance out) foodstuffs so it will be simpler for the digestive system to process.

There are two different purposes behind cooking food. One is identified with taste and the physical parts of eating and support of the body; the alternate concerns social qualities identified with the arrangement and sharing of dinners. These are the establishments on which the state of mind of the expert cook is constructed. Cookery, then, is concerned with kneading sustenance as well as with:

The production of flavors through sautéing and joining diverse food materials

The amassing of flavors by diminishment through bubbling or stewing

The retention of flavors through long cooking or moderate shallow-frying (sweating).

What checks out the expert cook is the capacity to make food mixes into alluring, supporting and suitable dinners for individuals, whether in healing centers, workplaces, motels or eateries. Sympathy toward cooking does not complete with the work at the stove, fryer or steamer, however proceeds to the point where the dinner is devoured. A cook should dependably be aware of the desires and needs of the patient, visitor or client.

By method for instance, a part of the cure for a patient in a healing center is a fitting and very much arranged supper. Prescription is useful, yet individuals are viewed as just to be well when they needn't bother with medication and are eating a full balanced diet.

In an eatery, a client may be celebrating a critical event or planning to awe a visitor with the supper you have cooked. In a cafeteria, the plating of the supper and the acknowledgment of the client in the line is pretty much as essential as the hours of work which have gone on already.

The expertise included in cookery is concerned with formulas, as well as with the capacity to control the sum and power of warmth connected to an extensive variety of foodstuffs. The instructions of expert cookery ought to stress this expertise. In the event that the standards and systems for cookery can be beaten, any recipe can be made to a worthy standard.

Sal Taddeo is an expert of the standards and strategies for cookery and he is a graduate of the regarded French Culinary Institute.

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Simple Things to Consider Before You Become a Consultant

  • • What confirmations and authorizations will I require? Contingent on your calling, you may require special accreditation or a unique permit before you can start working as a consultant. Case in point, fund-raising consultants needn't bother with exceptional certificate, in spite of the fact that you can get to be certified through the National Society of Fund Raising Executives. What's more, in a few states, you may need to enroll as an expert fund-raising consultant before beginning your business.
    • Am I qualified to turn into a consultant? Before you hang out your shingle and trust that customers start thumping your way to contract you, verify that you have the capabilities important to take care of the business. In the event that you desire to be a consultant in the computer world, ensure that you are progressive with information on all the patterns and changes in the computer business.
    • Am I orderly enough to turn into a consultant? Do I like to arrange my day? Am I a specialist in the matter of time administration? You ought to have replied "yes" to every one of the three inquiries!
  • Do I like networking? Building a network of contacts is very important if you want to be successful as a consultant. So, start the networking process immediately.

  • Have I set long haul and fleeting objectives? Furthermore, do they give me room to become a consultant? In the event that your objectives don't match up with the time and vitality it takes to open and effectively maintain a consulting business, then reevaluate before making any move in this course!

  • Sal Taddeo has been a consultant for quite a while, and he is an effective one at that. He is presently the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises LLC, which is a major consulting firm with a worldwide reckoning.

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    Basics of Cooking

    ​Cooking is comprehended to be the application of heat to foodstuffs to render these more tasteful, more absorbable and generally speaking, to enhance their bacteriological and tasteful viewpoints.

    There are four essential reasons why we cook food:

  • To enhance the appearance, flavor and taste of food, it furthermore serves to create, mix or adjust flavors

  • To realize basic changes in food. Meat fiber are kneaded and the cellulose in vegetables and organic products is made tender with the goal that they are simpler to bite and digest

  • To animate ravenousness and the digestive juices. It gives food an appealing appearance, fragrance and taste

  • To enhance the nature of food. It destroys a percentage of the unsafe small scale organic entities, for example, yeasts, and microorganisms that are normally present
  • For food to be cooked, heat must be exchanged from a warmth source, (for example, a gas fire or an electric component) to and through the food material.

  • Transfer of Heat

    Heat is usually transferred in three specific ways:

    Conduction - Heat transferred through flame, hot plate, frying pan plate, pot/skillet, or barbecue.

    Convection - Heat transferred through hot air, dry and wet steam, water, and oil, as in a steamer or convection stove.

    Radiation - Heat transferred through infrared warmth or microwaves, as in an oven or microwave broiler.

    Cooking Strategies

    Cooking strategies are grouped into "moist heat" and "dry heat".

  • Moist heat strategies are those in which the warmth is transferred to the foodstuff by water (counting stock, sauces, and so forth) or by steam.

  • Dry heat strategies are those in which the warmth is transferred without dampness i.e. by hot air, hot metal, radiation or hot fat.

  • Sal Taddeo is a successful businessman, yet that is not all about him. He knows how to cook delicious cuisines as he is an alum of the prestigious French Culinary Institute and a volunteer for the Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen.

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    Roles and Duties of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Maintaining attention to both the outer and inward focused scene, open doors for development, clients, markets, new industry improvements and models, et cetera.
  • Representing the organization for community and expert affiliation obligations and exercises in the neighborhood group, the state, and at the national level. (Other official heads bear obligation regarding these endeavors as intrigued or appointed too.)
  • Demonstrating the initiative important to make the organization's central goal a reality. This initiative incorporates giving leadership vision, administration that pulls in adherents, and all different parts of fruitful leadership.

  • With more than 25 years working experience, Sal Taddeo has had the privilege to work in top positions in various organizations. He was at one time the President and CEO of T&E Construction Management, and he is presently the President and CEO of both Sallee Figs LLC and Salangi Enterprises LLC.

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    Sal Taddeo - How to Be a Better CEO

    Sal Taddeo will be one of the first to tell you that being the President and CEO of your own company is a lot of responsibility. There are many skills that you need to learn in order to be a functioning CEO, let alone a good one. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help aspiring and existing CEOs run their respective businesses better.

    One way to function better as a CEO is to not overschedule yourself. A common mistake many CEOs make is trying to be involved in every aspect of the company. While it is important to remain aware of the overall function of the business, getting too hands-on can actually impede your employee productivity. Jason Fried, co-founder of 37 Signals, a software company in Chicago, suggests cutting staff meetings to a minimum. He believes that they are a waste of time and chop the day into tiny twenty minute bits.

    The problem with scheduling too many meetings is that in inhibits the creativity of your employees. Jason believes that the creative mind takes time to settle and get in the zone, and multiple meetings simply disrupt that process. That is why it is best to keep meetings to a minimum. Alternatively, an email can be just as valuable for relaying necessary information.

    Sal Taddeo
    works diligently to learn how to be a better CEO and leader for his various businesses. He is not afraid to learn from his mistakes so that he can be better at his job. He leads Salangi Enterprises LLC and Sallee Figs, respectively.
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    Sal Taddeo - Selling Strategies

    Sal Taddeo is an ambitious and hard-working entrepreneur that owns several different companies. His work ethic and insatiable curiosity has made him a success in many of his professional endeavors. One universal skill that has helped him perform well in every industry is his ability to sell a product. Anyone can be a salesman or woman, but only a few can be an effective one. Thankfully, the difference between a good and bad salesman is often about how much effort you put into it.

    A good salesman will always familiarize themselves with the product they are selling. A good salesman will know the ins and outs of the product, pros and cons. It is important to know the down sides of the product so that a salesman can properly respond to any customer objections. The best way to familiarize yourself with a product is to simply do the proper research on it.

    Another good selling strategy is to show customers value, not to tell them. While prospects can be impressed by hearing about benefits of a product, it is no substitute for them being able to see the product in action. So whenever possible, you should demonstrate the power of the product.

    Sal Taddeo has developed a number of different selling strategies that has helped him succeed in business. His selling strategies are universally applicable across every business that he owns. That is why an entrepreneur should always develop his sales skills and experience, as it will always be a valuable asset to him in his career.

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    Sal Taddeo - The Institute of Design and Construction

    Sal Taddeo is the President and CEO of multiple companies. He is an ambitious entrepreneur that has produced many desirable products. The leader of Sallee Figs and Salangi Enterprises LLC, respectively, his success has been attributed to a number of things, including his work ethic and education.

    Mr. Taddeo attended the Institute of Design and Construction, a private and non-profit technical college in Brooklyn, NY. Though the school no longer offers classes or degrees, the IDC once offered a premiere education in the fields of “Business Construction Technology”, and “Architectural Design Technology”. It was at this school that Mr. Taddeo would ignite his passion for real estate and architectural design.

    Since Sal Taddeo attended the Institute of Design and Construction, he has gravitated towards the construction and real estate industry. His passion for the field prompted him to become a licensed realtor in New Jersey. Now he is learning the ins and outs of the industry, always improving upon himself and his company.

    Thanks to the valuable classes and resources available to Mr. Taddeo during his stay with the Institute of Design and Construction, he learned the necessary skills to excel in real estate. The education he received helped cultivate him into the man that he is today.

    Sal Taddeo is currently the owner of multiple companies, a licensed Fire Safety Director, and a licensed realtor. His professional success has been due to his strong work ethic and educational background. Every experience he has had throughout his history has played an important role in him creating a successful and long-lasting business.

    Source(s): ​

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    Sal Taddeo - A History of Merchant Services

    One of the things that Sal Taddeo is known for is providing merchant consultation services. Merchant services is an interesting area of business that involves the processing and transactions of credit cards and electronic payments, an industry that has grown rapidly and vastly in the new digital age.

    The concept of merchant services is simple, the execution however, is not. Once upon a time there was no concept of credit. If one walked into a store, they had to have money on hand to make a purchase. However, there were occasions where exceptions were made. For example, if the customer was a friend of the owner, and the owner knew the customer would come up with the money relatively soon, he may lend his friend the product or service.

    It was not long before someone saw the value of this, and created a version where any person could walk into any store, stranger or otherwise, and neither would be put at risk for extending credit. This system was known as “Charg-it”, something developed by John Biggins in the mid-40s. The system allowed customers to charge purchases at a vendor. Then the business owner would simply present those charges to the Biggins bank, and the bank gave the vendor the money owed, then collected the payment from the customer later. That simple system is still used by American Express today!

    Sal Taddeo has seen the face of merchant services evolve at a rapid rate. He regularly has to do research in order to stay up-to-date with frequent changes in the field.

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    Sal Taddeo - Tips For Selling Real Estate

    Sal Taddeo works as a real estate agent in New Jersey. He has always loved New York and New Jersey and grew up in Brooklyn. He enjoys working closely with his clients and helping them buy or sell homes. If you are a real estate agent and want some tips for selling real estate, the following information can help.

    Be Honest

    Your real estate clients will want to be able to trust you as a real estate agent and they will only do that if you are honest with them. If you give a client the wrong information, not only will they be hesitant to trust and work with you in the future, but they will likely tell others not to trust you as well. This will cause you to have a bad reputation in the real estate community and you may lose clients as a result.

    Be Knowledgeable

    Many of the people you will work with who want to buy or sell a home will not know what to do or what to expect. They will rely on you to help them and will count on you being knowledgeable of the process. You should be knowledgeable about the homes and properties you are selling so you can help clients sell them and also introduce buyers to the houses that fit them best.

    Be Respectful

    You should treat all of your clients with respect and care. Many of them are nervous about buying or selling a home and may even be emotional. You should-be friendly, kind and considerate with every client you work with and treat each client the way you would expect to be treated if you were in their shoes. You want to build a reputation as a real estate agent who is a pleasure to work with and in order to have that kind of reputation, you will need to work for it.

    Be Available

    Your clients are going to have a lot of questions for you whether they are buying a home or selling one. You should be available to help them at all times. They may call you once a week or even once a day to find out if you have any news about a home for sale or have anyone interested in buying their home. You should be quick to take their calls or return calls and messages as fast as you can. Your clients will appreciate your quick response and it will help them feel better about the entire process.

    Being a real estate agent in New Jersey can be challenging. The industry is demanding and competitive. Sal Taddeo loves working in the real estate field. He can be contacted at 732.864.4147 If you are a real estate agent who wants to sell more real estate, follow the tips above.
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    Sal Taddeo - Tips For Advertising A Consulting Business

    Sal Taddeo owns a consulting business and enjoys helping other businesses work out their problems and become more successful. In order to find more clients for his consulting business, he has to advertise it. If you have a consulting business, these tips can help you advertise and get the most out of your business.

    Advertise Online

    The Internet is the best place to advertise your consultation services because you can easily reach a lot of people. You can create a website for your business and share it, create ads and banners that will be displayed on other websites or visit online classified sites and put your ad on there. You can also easily communicate with people online so you can get business quickly.

    Create Business Cards

    Business cards are an effective way to advertise your services. You can make them any size and shape that you want and include the information of your choice on them. Business cards are fairly inexpensive and there are many places where you can leave them for people to see. Consider leaving your business card in places such as the library, gas stations, restaurants, store bulletin boards, gym bulletin boards and any other place that will allow you to advertise.

    Put An Ad In The Newspaper

    The newspaper is a still a great way to advertise a service. You can put an ad in the newspaper that offers details about the consulting services you offer and shares your prices and contact information. Many newspapers also post ads online so you are actually advertising your services two places for the price of one ad.

    Social Networks

    Social networks are a great way to advertise a consulting business. You can create posts that advertise your services and then share them on other pages. You can also ask your family members, friends, and past or current customers to share your posts as well. You can host contests and special events on social networks to advertise and draw attention to your consulting services as well.

    Host A Workshop

    If you really want people to pay attention to your consulting business, host a special workshop or free event and invite a lot of people to it. You can offer some tips and advice at the workshop and let people know that you can help them. Those who are interested in your services may contact you at the event or will be able to take your contact information home and contact you when they are in need of your services.

    No matter what kind of business you own, it is important to market it properly. Sal Taddeo knows that advertising is important and works hard to advertise his consulting company. He can be reached at 732.864.4147. Make sure you are marketing yours as well. The above tips can help you find customers for your consultation business. You can also get creative and come up with your own ways to advertise.

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    Sal Taddeo - How To Get A Real Estate License

    Sal Taddeo is a licensed real estate agent who sells real estate in New Jersey. If you plan to sell real estate in any state, you need to be licensed. Here are some tips for getting your real estate license.


    You will need to take a few classes to help you learn about the real estate laws and processes in your state or the state where you plan to be licensed and work. You can take classes at a community college or at some real estate offices. You will need to complete a specific amount of hours of coursework before you can sit for the licensing exam.

    Licensing Exam

    Once you have completed your coursework you will be eligible to sit for the licensing exam. You will need to pass this exam before you can be given your license. You can take practice exams online. You may also even be able to find practice test booklets.

    Continuing Education

    After you have received your real estate license you will need to continue your education in order to keep it. You will be required to take classes that will keep you to be up to date on new laws and changes to the real estate industry. You may need to take classes every year or every few years.

    If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you need to be licensed. Sal Taddeo has his real estate license and you can get yours too if you follow the tips above. If you are looking for real estate help, call Sal at 732.864.4147.

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    Sal Taddeo - Tips For Growing Healthy Fig Trees

    Sal Taddeo enjoys working with trees and plants and even owns his own company where he grows and sells fig trees. If you plan to grow your own trees to either enjoy yourself or to sell, these tips can help you ensure that they are healthy.


    Soil plays a big role in the health of your trees. You need to test your soil to make sure it has the proper nutrients needed for the types of trees you are growing. You can add compost and fertilizer to the soil to make it better for the trees and to help them grow healthier.


    Fertilizer can help your trees become healthier but you need to know how much you should use on your trees. If you use too much you could burn or harm the trees. You should only add fertilizer to your trees once or twice a year.


    When you prune your trees you are removing the unhealthy and dying leaves and stems so healthy ones can grow in their place. Pruning encourages trees to grow and is necessary if you want to keep your trees healthy and help them grow larger.

    Sal Taddeo knows that the healthier a tree, the better it grows, the longer it lives and more beautiful it looks. Anyone can grow healthy trees if they take the time to understand the needs of the trees and take action to cater to those needs. If you want to grow strong and healthy trees, consider the above tips above.

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    Sal Taddeo - What it Takes to Succeed in Real Estate

    Sal Taddeo has been working in real estate his whole life. He has experience in construction management, real estate development, property management, and more. He is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional, who enjoys taking on the challenges of real estate. He works in New Jersey, and is a licensed real estate professional. Succeeding in this industry often requires hard work and dedication. Real estate can be a highly competitive field. Taddeo is not just a licensed real estate agent, but a chief executive officer (CEO) as well. He enjoys working in competitive industries, and improving his knowledge and his skills. If you are interested in building a career in real estate as well, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself succeed.

    Succeeding in the real estate often requires education. If you want to become a real estate agent, you will need to complete several hours of course study and then pass the licensing exam. Each state has its own licensing exam and process. Once you are fully licensed, it may be helpful to learn about local neighborhoods. Good real estate agents are often able to provide their clients with information on school districts, local attractions, and more. Taking the time to learn about various neighborhoods could help you build a successful career as a real estate agent.

    Successful real estate agents often have real world experience. Real estate agents work directly with their clients to help them find properties. Some professionals work in residential real estate while others work in commercial real estate. If you want to succeed as a real estate agent, it may help to spend some time building your experience. It may also be beneficial to work with a veteran agent. The more experience you have, the better you may be at gauging your clients’ needs, and finding what your clients are looking for.

    Another tip for succeeding as a real estate agent is to develop strong customer service skills. Real estate professionals work on commission, and often work directly with their clients. If you want to earn good referrals and reviews, it may be helpful to work on the way you interact with people. If your clients like you and are satisfied with your services, they may come to you in the future, or they may recommend you to their friends and family. The real estate industry is competitive and subject to change. There are many different factors that affect the real estate market and an agents career is often dependent on that market. Sal Taddeo is the president and CEO of several corporations and a successful real estate professional, information on his companies can be found at or and he can be contacted at 732.741.(FIGS)3447. He lives and works in New Jersey and has a life time of experience in real estate.

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    Sal Taddeo - Three Reasons to Volunteer for Your Community

    Sal Taddeo is a successful business professional and a caring family man. Whenever he has free time, he enjoys volunteering and getting involved with his community. He cares about helping others and has been involved with a number of charitable organizations. He is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Sallee Figs and Salangi Enterprises, LLC. Information on both of these companies can be found on their websites, or and he can be reached at 732.741.(FIGS). When he is not building his companies, he enjoys participating in his community with his family. There are several reasons for you to get involved with your community and start volunteering.

    One reasons to volunteer within your community is to help other people. There are many cities that have large homeless communities, and not enough resources to help these people. If you want to get involved and make a difference, you can volunteer with organizations that serve these communities. Doing volunteer work with a non-profit organization can help feed the homeless. Some organizations gather resources, such as clothing and toiletries for homeless communities as well. Working with these organizations can help improve the lives of others.

    Another reason to volunteer with your community is to get to know your neighbors. There are several ways you can improve your community. For example, you can volunteer with programs that clean public spaces, or you can get involved with youth sports. Volunteering for your community can help you meet new people. Volunteer work can be a great way to get involved with your community and build connections with other people. Being an active member of your community could help you make new friends and create a better environment for your children.

    A third reason to volunteer is to set a good example for your children. If you have children, volunteering can help them learn about the importance of helping others. Volunteering on the weekend with your family could be a great way to teach your children about the value of community and helping others. Volunteering may also be a fun family activity. You can clean up a public park with your children, or participate in a fig tree planting initiative in your area. You could have your children help you gather donations from your homes and from others as well.

    Taddeo is an active member of his community, who has volunteered with organizations such as Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen. He is interested in volunteering with homeless shelters, group foster homes, and youth outreach programs as well. He makes monthly donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and strives to help those around him. Sal Taddeo is a dedicated business professional, who owns two companies. When he is not working with his customers and clients, he is volunteering with his community.

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    Sal Taddeo - Three Reasons to Earn a Real Estate License

    Sal Taddeo has been working in real estate since 2000. He has experience in property management, construction management, and general contracting. He is a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey as well. He has a strong knowledge of real estate, and enjoys working in this industry. If you are interested in real estate, there are several reasons to earn your license and begin a career.

    A license in real estate will allow you to participate in transactions involving property. As a real estate agent, you can work with residential properties or commercial properties. If you enjoy learning about the financial and housing markets, this might be the right choice for you. Whether you work in residential or commercial real estate, you can keep a close eye on the economy and the housing market.

    Another reason to earn a real estate license is to build a successful career. The real estate industry is competitive, but it can also be lucrative. If you hone your skills and become a good real estate agent, you could make a good living.

    A third reason to become a real estate agent is to meet new people. Professionals in the real estate industry often work directly with their clients. If you choose to earn your license and build a career in this industry, you may be able to meet new people and build a large professional network. Sal Taddeo is a successful real estate professional and chief executive officer (CEO) in New Jersey. More information on his companies can be found at and and he can be reached at 732.741.(FIGS)3447.

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    Sal Taddeo - Help the Homeless

    Sal Taddeo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended the Institute of Design and Construction as well as the French Culinary Institute. He is a successful business professional who runs two corporations. More information on his companies is available at and He was a facilities manager for more than ten years. He is a licensed real estate agent as well. When he is not working with his companies, he volunteers with organizations that help orphaned children and the homeless.

    There are several things you can do to help homeless communities. For example, you can spend some time volunteering with soup kitchens and food banks. You can make, and serve food, for people who are homeless. You can temporarily improve these individuals lives by providing them with a warm meal.

    Another way you can help the homeless is to donate clothing. You can go through your closet and gather gently used clothing. It could also be helpful to donate clothing that can be worn to job interviews. People who are homeless often need clean and durable clothing. This is especially true during the winter.

    A third way you can help the homeless population in your community is to donate to organizations that serve the homeless. These organizations are often dependent on donations and use funds to purchase much needed resources. Sal Taddeo is dedicated to helping the community and supporting those who are in need. He is a business owner and an active member in his community.

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