Loren Bridges

The only thing to fear is fear itself

My interests and skills

My interests are play instruments and learning new music. My skills are active listening and playing the alto and tenor saxophone.

Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a career?

All of these things should be considered because they help you find a job you might like.


Where am I going

Job Description, Median Salary, Cluster, Job Outlook Work Schedule, What Will You Learn

Job Description: Musicians play instruments for live audiences and recording studios. Median Salary: 23.50 per hour. Cluster: Arts audio-video technology, communications. Job Outlook: 3 to 7%. Work Schedule: Rehearsal and recording sessions are held during business hours. Performances are held on weekends and nights. What Ill You Learn: In this career you will always learn something new.

How Will I Get There?

Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan This college has a college of music. I want to go there because it is far away from home. College is not required for this career but I want to get a degree in Music Theory. 49,798 for two semesters. I want to get a scholarship for the marching band at Michigan State.