Jason and the Golden Fleece

A Hero's Journey

Stage 1


Hero dragged from the comforts of home to experience grown and change.

The the beginning Jason leaves his home to travel to his birthplace (Iolcus). When he gets to the kingdom King Pelias commands him to fetch the Golden Fleece, then Jason leaves to retrieve the fleece.

Stage 2


Realization of imbalance or injustice in the hero's life that invites him into the adventure, the unknown.

Jason's journey begins when King Pelias told him that if he goes and gets the Golden Fleece he can have his throne.

Stage 3


The jumping off point for the adventure; point between known and unknown.

Stage 4


Obstacles/difficult experiences that test the hero. The hero emerges stronger from each challenge.



Mentor: A guide that keeps the hero focused on his/her goal. Helps hero obtain the skills to overcome challenges. Must die so that hero can face biggest challenge alone.



Just when things are at their worst, help in the forkm of a supernatural gift.

Produces magical effects that 'saves' the hero.

Can be a person or a thing.

Stage 5

The Abyss

Greatest challenge of the journey where one must "slay the dragon"

"Belly of the Whale"

Journey to Underworld

Stage 6


A sudden change in the way one thinks or views life

Transformation often occurs through death and rebirth. Symbolic of old self dying and new self being reborn.

Medea Falls in love with Jason

Stage 7

The Return/Sharing the Gift

Final stage where the hero contributes to society.

Shares the gift of experience, knowledge, and wisdom--gained through the journey--with the broader community.

When Jason finally gets the Golden Fleece and returns to the kingdom with it.