What To Expect

By: Lesley Poke

First Trimister

After fertilization and implantation, the baby grows quickly. At first its just an embryo, made of two layers of cells which are all her organs and body parts that will develop. Soon its about the size of a kidney bean and repentantly moving. Her heart beat is beating quickly and her intestines are forming. Her earlobes, eyelids, mouth, and nose are also taking shape . In this trimester women began to have the symptoms such as :Morning Sickness, eat mini meals throughout the day, food cravings , sensitive noise , Fatigue , acne , breathless , sleeplessness , headaches , emotional and sore breasts.In the embryonic stage it grows its nervous system , heart , face ,arms and legs , sexual organs , muscles and movements. After the embryonic stage your baby is called a fetus then it develops and grows faster throughout your trimesters.

Second Trimester

In the beginning of the second trimester, your baby form to about 3 1/2 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 ounces. Its tiny, fingerprints are now developing into place. As the weeks go by, its harden of skeletons form from rubbery cartilage to bone and it develops the ability of hearing. You may began to feel your babys kicks and movements .In this stage the baby begins to hear certain sounds and began to hear your heartbeat , then it will be able to hear your voice .Your babys eyes may begin to open up at 20 weeks, however the baby cant see anything til the third trimister. Fingerprints are noticable now , it helps the baby get a better grip , However they show up on the hands forst then the feet. Hair and a white waxy substance covers your babys body to protect the skin. Symptoms the mom may feels is nasua , changing shape , emotional , signs of life , bad dreams . This is the trimester you feel best about yourself.

Third Trimister

At this stage your body is going through the most intense stages of all. This is a very emotional time for the woman. In this stage the woman has tense dreams , dreams of loosing the baby , labor pain , not being a good mother and loss of control. In this stage the baby's eyes open and very wide , baby's bones are fully developed , sexual development continues, your baby practices breathing, baby's detects light fingernails grow , protective coating thickens ,rapid weight gain , placenta provides antibodies , and baby develops firm grasp. The baby will spend time in the utero gaining weight . The woman may began weight gain 25-35 pounds, heart burn , swelling , spider veins, contractions and more. This stage the woman may become very uncomfortable and very persistent

Advice for the Father

The advice that i would give for the father of the baby is to be understand , patient, and bare with the woman step by step. Remain calm your wife is going through a unimaginable transformation , feeling some many ways and body , and emotional changes.Be very Informed know whats going on with your woman , understand about the changes taking place. Bond with her. Dismiss the urge to dismiss her problems and uncomfortable sensations.Compliment her and make her feel good /loved. Don't hurt her if shes upset let her be don't fight her emotions. Help her out shes under stress , don't make her feel alone. Have a uplifting spirit , and get ready because your baby's on its way.