Sir Isaac Newton

Come to town

Newton's birth

Born in decmeber 25 1642

Died on march 26 1726

Born westminster,abby,england

Alive for 84 years

Dead 276

Now this day by some mistalk thing he came back alive for one day and teach us his learnigs

Newtons LIfe

student, Newton read recent work on optics and light by the English physicists Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke; he also studied both the mathematics and the physics of the French philosopher and scientist René Descartes. Developing over a few years a series of increasingly elaborate, refined, and exact experiments.Newton was elected Member of Parliament for the University of Cambridge to the Convention Parliament of 1689, and sat again in 1701-1702. Meanwhile, in 1696 he had moved to London as Warden of the Royal Mint. He became Master of the Mint in 1699, an office he retained to his death. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in 1671, and in 1703 he became President, being annually re-elected for the rest of his life.

Newton's education

School near gratam.Lincolishire

Cambrige unistery gratham

Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

Newton's life and contributions



he discoverd there 3 law of motion

Why was Sir Issac Newton's so imporant

That he has created a lot of stuff we need in our daliy life