Apps For Mobile Learning

Education K-12

These are some great apps to use!

These apps can be used to engage students in learning, to increase their understanding, to help with scaffolding, etc. Not only is using apps great for educational purposes, often students enjoy using them. These apps are great for division 1.

ibooks Author

This app makes books come alive! Teachers or students can create interactive books including videos, interactive pictures, 3D diagrams and much more! This is a free app as well!

Sight Words for Reading HD

This app helps children learn the sight words for reading in a fun way. The Dolce and Fry sight words are used and the most common words in children's literature are presented. Words are presented in fun videos. This app is free in itunes.

ABC Magic Phonics

This free app in itunes helps children to learn the sounds of letters in the alphabet. A matching phonetic photo image is matched with each letter to help the child learn the sound of each letter.

Comic Maker HD Tutorial:

Comic Maker HD Tutorial - How easy to create a cute comic!